Monday, August 25, 2014


The Gastien Series is runner-up for BEST SERIES 2014!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for The Gastien Series for this award, and Gastien:Circle of Destiny for Best Historical. Gastien: Circle of Destiny didn't place, but it was still a great honor to be a finalist in both categories. I appreciate you voting!

And thanks to those who voted for other talented authors up for these awards. We're all busy, and any time someone takes a few moments to do something nice like this they deserve a round of applause. These kinds of things let authors know they're doing something right!

Here is the complete list of winners:

2014 eFestival of Words Best of the Independent ebook awards

I was thrilled to see my dear friend author Andrew Ashling won TWO awards plus was runner-up in a third! He's a talented writer and deserves the recognition. Another author friend, Kristine Cayne, did the same. Congratulations to both of these fine authors.

This was the 3rd year for these awards. The online event gets bigger every year. If you didn't join us this year, I hope you stop by in 2015. It's always in August and there are giveaways, author panels, games, and prizes! You can still read the panels and check things out here: eFestival of Words

On a completely bizarre side note having absolutely NOTHING to do with writing, I am proud to say I did something today I've never been able to do before. I flipped two fricking eggs in the air from their fry pan and they actually turned and landed right. On the last day before I turn a year older. I can't wait to tell my husband. He was a chef for years and always laughed at my attempts.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Eye Candy. What Makes YOU Hot?

Okay, this indie author was all set to blog about never underestimating a grandma and all of a sudden an email came. A writer friend mentioned that he wondered if it was good or bad to have people on book covers, as who he finds hot another might not. Well, never one to shy away from thinking (and sharing!) about what looks get me going, I shot him back an email...and decided to blog about same subject.

So this blog is for fun. It's trite and shallow. It's about looks only. Yeah, we know other things are just as, or more, important. So what? Let's have some fun. It's probably surprising to some that a fifty some year old woman would still even think about this, but let me assure you that never stops. Not according to what I hear from older friends.

Anyway, I remember reading posts with lots of replies on boards about people on covers. It seemed to end up about 50/50. Some people want them, some want to imagine how the character looks. Most, I'm wagering, still do that even with a picture of the character on the cover. But my friend was right. What I think is sexy in looks may be the opposite for you.

I am attracted to men and here are my likes and dislikes:

 Hair color doesn't matter. Hair length doesn't matter, as long as it goes good with the face and, if long, it's nice hair. Thin, straggly long hair turns me off. Nice long hair is gorgeous, no matter the length.

If a guy has feminine eyelids (Paul McCartney eyelids, the kind most women have) instead of deep-set eyes where you don't see the lid, that is a plus to me. Soulful. Yummy.

Muscles? Um, no thanks. At least not the kind body builders have. They look bulky and cloddish, and like they can hardly move. Clumsy in bed. Ick. But slight muscles, or swimmer/gymnast muscles are a turn-on. They are muscular, but not big globs of muscle. Long, lean muscles instead of bulky. Yes, thank you.

And what's with the muscle thingys on body builders that make their neck connect to their shoulders like slumped shoulders. I HATE that look. I like straight shoulders, not an upside down V thing.

I don't really care for hairy chests, but if I loved someone who had one it would be okay. I wouldn't expect them to shave it, what a hassle.

And I do love me some pretty boy. Yup. There it is, out in the open. A guy that looks pretty or androgynous is a huge turn-on to me. He looks creative, kinky, adventuresome, and like he'd be one hell of a lot of fun in bed and out. A little make-up and an earring? All the better. Oh, let's experiment on each other. Please. Yeah, that guy doesn't play by the rules, and I'm so glad he doesn't. "Oh, you prefer men? That's okay. I'll watch and take photos." (Yeah. Another fantasy of mine. I probably should of warned you at the beginning. You're thinking, "Oh my God, Caddy...did she just admit that in public?" Hey, I'm human. We all have our kinks, even if we don't act on them. Sigh.)

For me, the ass is the sexiest part of a man, with eyes a close second.  Give me a nice, firm ass and Paul McCartney eyes with guy-liner on them and you've got a deal. The big deal of the day. And it's all behind curtain three!

Men in uniform: military, cops or firemen do NOT turn me on. In fact, quite the opposite. I have always fought authority (and just like the song, authority always wins. Usually.) and so those men do nothing for my libido. Suffice it to say we've never played cop in our bedroom. And never will. Unless Dave wants me to be the cop. Then we might talk.

All through grade school I had this almost rabid fear that I would be sent to boarding school, put in jail, or forced into the military. I knew I would die because I wouldn't fall into line. It would be a slow death, too. When I thought about these things my stomach hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. Don't ask me why the military because "girls" didn't often go into the military then. But I knew males got drafted and I remained certain they'd change it at any time, just to torture me. Yeah, authority figures and I don't get along much. That probably also explains why I was self-employed most of my life.

Well, I didn't marry a pretty boy, but he did make the grade. He had nice, defined muscles from farm work, but not bulky. He had a slender, slighter build and a damn fine ass. Great, straight shoulders. The sexiest eyes I'd ever seen, even without the Paul McCartney lids. And that smile? Ah, man. When he smiles all bets are off. I'll even put away my police handcuffs then.

However, the dude won't let me put make-up on him. Ah, well. Nobody is perfect.

How about you? What kind of looks turn you on and what looks do the opposite? I'd love to know!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

All Work and No Play? NO WAY!

As an indie author, I've read several blogs and countless posts about how you need to "really want" to be a successful author and prove it by writing ten, twelve, or more hours a day. "You really serious about wanting to succeed? Then get busy and write a book a month. Write every waking moment. Write at your kid's soccer game. Write after your spouse has gone to bed. Write early in the morning before anyone else is up. Write, write, write."

It's as if you can't be a success if you don't give up the rest of your life for writing. Sorry. I'm not buying it. Oh, maybe that's true if you want to hit 5 or 6 figure a month success. But, truly, if all you are doing is writing night and day, what are you going to do with that money, anyway? What difference does it make if you buy a huge mansion or expensive sports cars if you sit at your laptop writing? The house is enjoyed by everyone but you, the cars too...or they sit in the garage. Why go on trips if you're going to be writing day and night during your visit to France? Unless you get a kick out of simply looking at a high bank balance, I don't see the point. Are you working so someone else doesn't have to after you die?

See, I have a husband I love. He's not only my best friend, he's my confidante, my strength, and one hell of a good lover. Write after he goes to bed? Um, I don't think so.I have some family I love. I want to be present in their life, not on the sideline typing away while they wonder why they mean next to nothing to me. I have friends I love. They're a LOT of fun. I want to give them my love, my attention, and my time. I have a grandson who will be three next month (we're childless by choice, he is the son of our dear friends next door, and he considers us as much "Grandma" and "Grandpa" as anyone else. In fact, they are more family to us than our families.) This boy won't be small long. Right now parents and grandparents are his world. In a very short time, we won't be. That time will never be gotten back, so there is NO WAY IN HELL I'm passing on any time I can spend with him in order to type on my laptop in the hope of making huge money.

Sure, I believe in hard work. To a point. I believe in finding time to write and time to paint. When doing those things, I believe in applying myself to the best of my ability. But they aren't the sole reason I'm here in this body on this planet. Even though I see my writing and painting as creation, as something I give to the world, to me the real reasons we are here are for education, experience, and enlightenment. None of those are found behind your keyboard. At least, not in sufficient quantities to really grow you.

I also believe you can succeed at writing by working a normal work day. You may not become rich, but you can make a decent living. If by some stroke of luck I become rich, fabulous. But, really, I am aiming for making enough that we keep our house, can go out to dinner when we want, see movies, go to plays and the orchestra. Maybe one trip a year, sometimes far away, sometimes not. Staying in normal places, doing normal things. Stopping to talk to normal people in those places.

So, starting tomorrow Dave and I have two weeks of vacation. We've always taken two weeks in a row, except for one year when I worked for someone who wouldn't let me, which is why I've been self-employed most of my life. I know what I need to be productive. This is one of those things. Two weeks is almost unheard of now in this country. I wonder why we allow ourselves to be slaves to work. Perhaps more marriages would be worth saving if people invested more time into them, both daily and taking long vacations together. Europe does it and they haven't crumbled. I think we can manage to allow ourselves plenty of play time and down time.

In fact, I'm starting a day early. Today I'm going to clean the house (a surprise for my husband, as he usually does half) and, if the neighbors have time, go to Costco. But first I'm going out to breakfast by myself and reading on my kindle. Yeah, I'm behind on my next book. Truly, I think readers will understand. Hopefully they're busy with summer, too. When I come back to the real world in two weeks, I'll be able to finish that book, and I can guarantee it will be a better book for my having this time off.

And you know what? You know that question "What will be important to you on your deathbed?" Well, when I'm dying I won't be thinking about how many stories I wrote or paintings I painted. I'll be thinking about the people who have mattered to me. And you know how I want to be remembered? I don't want to be remembered so much for how deeply I mattered to them.

I want them to remember how deeply they mattered to me.

There's only one way to make sure that happens. I need to spend time with them, real time with them where they are the focus of my attention. THAT is what makes me rich. THAT is what I'm here for.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

LGBT Inclusvie Fiction in the Running: Gastien Series and Gastien: CIrcle of Destiny ARE FINALISTS!

I'm so excited! The finalists for 2014 eFestival of Words were announced yesterday and I'm proud to say that not only did Gastien: Circle of Destiny make the cut for finalist in Best Historical Fiction, but The Gastien Series: (Link takes you to my author page, where you will find all five books in the series and my other work) itself is a finalist for Best Series! I don't know who nominated me, but I thank them and I also thank the panel that decided the finalists and Julie Dawson for heading up the eFestival of Words and making it an annual event.

I'm especially pleased because the series is LGBT inclusive and it's important for LGBT books to be finalists in contests where all kinds of fiction is in the running. The first three books of the series have either gay or lesbian side characters. The fourth has a gay character that takes over main charactere status about halfway through (and also a gay side character) and the fifth book is definitely gay fiction. Regardless of if you are straight or LGBT, you will find this is a series that grips your heart and evokes strong emotion. All five are dramatic historical family saga and there are several love stories over the years, but the fifth book has a truly poignant gay love story and is a story about the struggle of being gay in the early to mid-twentieth century.

You can help make Gastien: Circle of Destiny and The Gastien Series the winners of their categories by going here: Register and Vote . Yes, you take a couple of minutes to register, but then you can vote for these books and other favorites. I would truly appreciate it if you are a fan of my work, dramatic fiction for adults, or dramatic fiction that is LGBT. 

Here are a couple of other LGBT works that are finalists. If you are fans of their work, love LGBT fiction, or simply love a great story regardless of if it is LGBT or not, why not also give them a vote today? Brandon Shire is a newer friend, and I have known Andrew Ashling and been friends for a few years. They are both two of my "must read" authors and I know they'd appreciate your support. If you haven't read them, you are missing out on two of the best writer's out there today.

Brandon Shire, Listening to Dust: Best Novella

Andrew Ashling, The Invisible Hands Part 2 Castling: Best Novel
Andrew Ashling, The Invisible Hands Part 3 Pawn Storm:  Best High Fantasy(Sword and Sorcery)
Andrew Ashling, The Invisible Hands Part 3 Pawn Storm: Best Cover Art

I see many other author friends in the finals and I wish everyone luck. 

Remember: Your vote counts. I hope you go and vote TODAY!


Caddy Rowland is a novelist and painter. Her social media links follow.
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